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We are an Imprint of OneUniversal Media and lovin' it!

InterCultural Connect Books (ICC Books), an imprint of OneUniversal Media (1UNIM), is uniquely positioned in the publishing world to be UN-traditional in so much as it seeks to accomplish both its mission in bringing otherwise underfed and undernourished ideals to the masses in the area of human oneness and engage people of varying cultures with one another.

InterCultural Connect Books (ICC Books)

InterCultural Connect Books is a small, indie non-traditional publishing company, with the primary mission to showcase authors whose art transitions the human psyche from plurality viewpoints that are often taken to mean the norm or more mundane to an intentional bridge to the intersectionality of all lives. Though, currently supporting a few printed titles per year, we at ICC Books, aim to help the social & digital media savvy creatives with ebook publishing of their rather unique vision via 1UNIM (our parent company). More project launches from them, like a "Social" Summit for leaders in their city of origin this Spring (due to the coronavirus crisis), will bring to us many who want to enhance their brand by providing content (inclusionary in nature) to distinctly promote their own (not solely that of their companies') voice & mission--the celebration of connection--to *ALL of us who matter.

Intercultural communicator, educator, & author, Kimberly Y. Erwin (alumna of Spelman College & The University of Pennsylvania) instructs young readers on how to end racism.

Generations begin the very necessary conversation their experiences in matters of 'race & ethnicity'-made less scary by way of this rhythmic & picturesque book. 

ISBN: 978-1-946969-08-8 (hard cover)

Americus Moses Kash, III (1945-2017) was an author and poet for over 50 years of his life.

This book of poetry offer the author's reality of survival as he reflects in an array of short rhythmic sequences, prose poems, and longer narratives encounters with legendary elites, his life's loves, while also calling out America's duplicity of forcing on its African American citizenry an identity of otherness--pre-George Floyd--in a poem entitled: "Police Brutality."

ISBN: 978-1946969002 (paperback)

Check out what readers say:

"For men, especially, black men. How current this 2016 title--a title called "Police Brutality"--it's all there! ~ Of The Black Bard

J.C. Evans

Retired School Teacher, New Jersey

"A must read for every every classroom." ~ Of A Children's Book: ENDING RACISM

Kinda DeCrosta

Grade School Teacher, New York

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